Sunday, 29 July 2007

Great NZ Digi-Poem Competition 2007

Charlie Ward of Wellington has won the inaugural Great New Zealand Digi-Poem Competition with his audio-visual version of Paekakariki poet Apirana Taylor's poem 'Hinemoa's Daughter'.

The announcement was made by NZ Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc) Director and Convenor of Judges Michele Leggott at the Montana Poetry Day event, whch was held at Auckland City Libray. I miissed the gig - but like others I can enjoy the results online, here

Great idea this - and hopefully, the same again next year. Meanwhile others might think about putting some of their material into the same kind of framework.

I have in mind some of our heritage collections combining to create a project that encourages fresh interpretation of their material, with the material and the results used as demonstrators to the New Zealand Creative Commons framework. Any takers? NZ Sound Archive, Alexander Turbull, Hocken , ACL Heritage , Auckland Museum?

Silly idea? Comments?


Anonymous said...

well the national turnbull library in new zealand in its cute convoluted way has tried to get down and funky in Flickr - but hey what about their terms
"Permission of the Alexander Turnbull Library must be obtained before any reuse of this image. Contact us about reusing this image" which doesnt even link to the National Library Timeframes page

Like see

why dont that link to the Timeframes using the id Reference: Curios-018-011

After all on the Natioanl turnball website there is a link to Childhood photographs of Mansfield – Timeframes website


Photographs of Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murry in France – Timeframes website

Some sort of disconect going down here

So maybe the National turnbull library could be a candidate for the creative commons

Anonymous said...

The Turnbull Library Record could be a good one for the National library to do - even turn it into an open access journal.

Andy said...

As part of the Flickr pilot we're definitely looking at ways to improve the access. One idea is to perhaps only post to Flickr material under NZ creative commons when it's available. We are still in the phase though of using the pilot to learn about the best way to engage with Flickr users, and that includes what information/links to post. We'd be really happy to receive other comments that will help us make it better.

Also, if anyone knows of other NZ Libraries, Museum's, Galleries etc. that are using Flickr we'd love to hear from you. You can reach us at website.changes[at] Colleagues at Te Papa are also having a go on Flickr