Thursday, 12 July 2007

Cabbages and kings

I know - what with the launch of the local New Zealand site for the Creative Commons, the announcement of new and enlarged funding for the Peoples Network project, plus lots of good things happening in the KAREN world, plus what looks like a stunning appointment of a new Director for the Auckland War Memorial Museum, you would think I had lots of things to talk about. Which I do - if there was more time in the day - in the meantime , who can resist this!

Note: on the Creative Commons front, the local New Zealand licence is definitely on the way. For those looking for more background, and a series of papers on what it all means in the Australian context - check this reference from the truly inspirational ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation , Queensland University of Technology. [Can we have one please !] Warning it eventually leads to a 261 page PDF - which just might change how you want to think about copyright.

Also just in - news on the upcoming X MediaLab conference in Melbourne - I will be crawling over glass to get to this - plus thanks to the Melbourne Age for a brilliant story about IBM, Australasia, who have been quietly working away with some Australian aboriginal communities.

Closer to home, if you were looking for some local digital story telling the Taranaki Wiki seems to be finding its feet - this was a beneficiary of the first round of the Community Partnership Fund. I'm told the second round is winding its way through the Wellington labyrinth.


BB said...

according to the oldest adage “Content is King”, then we are here to announce that the “King is Dead”....

Be interested to know how you see this assertion, from X-lab promo, fits with such projects as The People'gws Network.

Unknown said...

There has been an Auckland Wiki now for quite some time as well; see:

Unknown said...

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