Friday, 15 June 2007

Three small ships

It's Friday here in the McGovern Online studio. Nearly time for that New Zealand institution, Friday drinks. I'm looking back on a busy week. We even have three new ships sliding into the web sea.

The International Association of Techolological Universities.
Founded in Düsseldorf, Germany in May 1955, IATUL is the international forum for the exchange of ideas relevant to librarianship in technological universities throughout the world.

We worked with Ainsle Dewe from AUT, and enjoyed it immensely. Apart from the content management tools, we also built in an RSS feed for IATUL News. Worth checking out.

Telework Australia
This is a lovely little site - packed full of information aimed at the SME world of Australia, but it travels, both to here in New Zealand, and to other like minded economies - Europe, etc.

The editorial content and site management is under the able direction of Bevis England, who some readers will recognise as Mr Telework here in New Zealand.

EEAA : The Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia
This the New Zealand chapter of the professional association for the exhibition and event industry in Australia and New Zealand. Our client was Donna White of Northport Events.

We had lots of fun with this, especially getting the image library tool on the front page. The EEAA represents all three sectors of their industry - organisers, venues and suppliers.

I love the design on all three! Got to love your children!


Anonymous said...

I especially like the EEAA site but all three are clean and crisp and easy to navigate.

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