Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sunday Morning

Had a busy morning - up like a lintie getting the coffee and the papers in early to make room for a walk up the hill to Radio New Zealand in Auckland, where I was talking to a New Zealand radio legend, Chris Laidlaw on his Sunday morning show. Chris had just finished interviewing Noam Chomsky - there he was in his element - urbane , engaged, and totally focused on both the issues, and the bigger picture.

He was then billed to talk to me, Jo Tindal, Digital tv Strategy, from the MCH, [nice new site by the by] Ernie Newman of TUANZ, and Tom Chignell from local Vodafone about our technology future. As is sometimes the case with more mainstream commentators, he struggled to see the framework around which his questions might settle and thrive.

In the end you just have to take the mike off him - which I guess is what I reluctantly did in this interview. At least for a moment - but then, how else do you get to start talking about cultural change as opposed to technology. Listen here.
[Note: As part of the discussion there was mention made of two key New Zealand government initiatives - The Broadband Challenge, and the Digital Content Strategy. Both of these are part of the work being done as part by the New Zealand Digital Strategy].