Monday, 11 June 2007

More media

While I am at it - I might as well report on two other pieces of media I have been doing in the last week or so.

Spot 1. Google Vertical Search
First, a week ago, when I guested on TVNZ Breakfast, talking about the new Google vertical search beta at

I spoke to Paul Henry. He is quite good on this kind of topic especially when there is a flavour of big brother watching - which I might add there definitely is. As I say in the interview when people like Google want to help it normally means they are looking to build a profile to help them offer more targeted adverts.

On that topic, a recent UK report has the value of the UK online advertising market as worth a staggering 2.016 million sterling - with 1.2. million sterling of that being for paid for search.

In contrast, the same report has half that number for mainstream tv advertising, which in turn has experienced a fall of 4.7% to 3.9 billion sterling.

Globally, the IAB reports Internet ad revenue at US$4.9 billion for the first quarter of 2007
That's a lot of opportunity for all this helping .

The video of the spot is here.

Spot 2. Planning Holidays.

The other spot was this morning when Paul Henry and I chatted about how to use the net to plan a holiday using user web 2.0 feedback loops. I have two examples, both featured in the recent Webby Awards on Travel

The video of this spot is here.

TVNZ OnDemand
Finally, while I am on the topic of TVNZ - people really should keep checking in on TVNZ OnDemand. Apart from being a usability treasure, they have come through on their launch promise to keep putting up some of the archival docos which have been mouldering away in the archive.

Ponsonby gem.
The latest is a gem on Ponsonby in Auckland in 1988.
For non Aucklanders , Ponsonby is now the hip inner city suburb, with house prices through the roof, and the chattering classes in full control of the sidewalks.

In 1988 it was a very different place. Plus, did you know that the first fingerprint evidence ever accepted in the British Empire was from the murder of the Ponsonby postmaster!