Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Great NZ Digi-Poem Competition

We are all increasingly familiar with the notion of web 2.0 mash ups – i.e. combining other peoples source material and making something new and exciting out of it.

Well here’s one with a difference – as part of Montana Poetry Day, Friday, 27th July, 2007, the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre and Auckland University Press want people to take poetry and transform, or add to its intrinsic impact by making a digital transformations of poems by six well-known New Zealand poets.

Called the Great NZ Digi-Poem Competition, it runs from 1st June to 4th July, and gives people the chance to put their imagination and design skills to work and be part of New Zealand's first-ever digi-poem competition.

The six competition poems are drawn from AUP's Contemporary New Zealand Poets in Performance, edited by Jack Ross and Jan Kemp, the second of AUP's popular CD-with-book anthologies of poets in performance, which will launch on Poetry Day this year.

AUP's anthologies already have a reputation for getting people listening to poets as well as reading their texts.

Now nzepc wants to extend the experience by asking what they call innovative digitisers around the country and around the world to transform poems for presentation on the web using audio, visuals and/or animation.

Shortlisted entries will be posted on nzepc digital on 20 July and the winner will be announced Friday 27 July as part of the nzepc/AUP Montana Poetry Day event Poetry Central, to be held at Auckland Central City Library.

The winning designer will receive a prize of an iPod Nano, donated by The University of Auckland Library, a copy of Contemporary New Zealand Poets in Performance and its companion Classic New Zealand Poets in Performance. Shortlisted entries will become part of a permanent exhibit on nzepc digital.

Entries will be judged by a panel of editors, poetry publishers and electronic poetry enthusiasts.

Source poems.
The source poems are available for download now. You can view examples of NZ digital poetry here

For the detail - see below:

* Instructions for the Consumption of your Humanitarian Food
Package by Fiona Farrell
text |
mp3 3.3MB

* On Originality by Bill Manhire
text mp3 [1.3MB]

* Eternity by Bob Orr text | mp3 [1.6MB]

* A Letter from my Daughter by Vivienne Plumb

text |
mp3 [2.1MB]

* Hinemoa's daughter by Apirana Taylor
text |
mp3 [1.6MB]

* Barbary Coast by Ian Wedde text |
mp3 [4.6MB]

Conditions of entry
Herewith the small print:
*Each entry must incorporate at least part of the relevant text and audio track of your source poem from Contemporary New Zealand Poets in Performance.

* Entries must include as part of the digital interpretation
the poet's name and the title of the poem being digitally transformed.

* Specifications: entries must be displayable on the Web in
standard browsers. The digi-poems will be hosted on a Windows server.
Digi-poems may include hypertext, video, Flash, animated text, graphics, codeworks, music, etc. Please respect the copyright of others in creating your digi-poem.

* Entries should be posted to nzepc on a DVD or CD to arrive
no later than 4 July 2007.
Include your name and contact details in a covering letter and send to:

Thats it!