Thursday, 8 March 2007

death in the matrix

The death of the philosophic father to the Matrix, Jean Baudrillard, came into my view as a set of incomplete alerts - blogs - news reports - journals - as if, in taking it in, I was playing out one of his theories - the news of his death a manufactured and then re manufactured series of hyperlinked layers.

And for the record, as is perhaps not surprising, the UK Guardian bloggers hit the best obituary note, while for loving intellectual density, you have to give it to 1000 days of Theory, from the sometimes provocative, but almost always interesting, . If you go there, don't forget to drop into the digital library.

And if this makes no sense, then I guess, it vindicates that old french philosophic saw, " life - ah yes, its fine in practice, but does it work in theory"

As for me, apart from getting a chance to revisit the sometimes oxygen starved regions of post -post structuralism, it was also a chance to discover yet another of wikipedias many gems - take this entry - and then afterwards marvel at the determination of the author[s] to do , and say something useful with his/their spare leisure hours.